2014 Closed Containment Presentations

The second land-based closed-containment aquaculture workshop was hosted by ASF and The Conservation Fund's Freshwater Institute in April 2014. The workshop hosted experts in the fields of fish health and closed-containment systems from the perspective of government and industry. Below are .pdf files of the presentations made at the conference.

Presentations at Land-Based Closed Containment Workshop 2014

Workshop Agenda 178.1KB
01 Benfey - Review from 2012 workshop on fish welfare in aquaculture 569.8KB
02 Baeverfjord - Fish welfare in industry-scale salmon production 1.5MB
03 Roth - Animal Welfare in BC Aquaculture 6.6MB
04 Stitt - Kuterra health and welfare 1.5MB
05 Karreman - Considerations for vet care of salmon in closed-containment 1.5MB
06 Vandersteen - Optimal conditions for rearing salmon in RAS 1.6MB
07 Hammell - Biosecurity and health management in closed-containment aquaculture 3.9MB
08 Good - Effects of 1st year photoperiod and circulating hormones in freshwater RAS 1.4MB
09 Sealey - Sustainable and alternative feeds for salmonids 5.3MB
10 Losordo & Tran - RAS design innovations- linking RAS and aquaponics 5.7MB
11 Emrick - Report from Tides Canada Salmon Aquaculture Innovation Fund 1.6MB
12 Webster - Supporting research and innovation (DFO) 422.2KB
13 Summerfelt - Atlantic salmon growout trials at TCFFI 2.2MB
14 Davidson - Depuration procedures to mitigate off-flavor 2.4MB
15 Vinci - Land-based RAS and open pen aquaculture- comparative economic and env assessment 592.6KB
16 Robinson - Retrospective construction costs for Namgis RAS projects 7.6MB
17 Tyedmers - Life cycle assessment for sustainability of seafood systems 7.3MB
18 Summerfelt. Update Closed-Containment Production of Salmon 1.7MB
19 Atkinson - Nanaimo land-based model aquafarm 1.7MB
20 Cranmer & Hobson - Kuterra land-based closed containment Atlantic salmon farm 6.0MB
21 Lee - Sustainable Blue project marine total containment aquaculture 1.5MB
22 Dean - Marketing sustainable seafood 684.4KB
23 Johnson - Seafood sustainability ranking programs 4.1MB
24 Henry - Canadian organic aquaculture standard 2.4MB