Abstracts for 2014 ASF land-based containment conference

More than 80 international scientists and members of the aquaculture industry registered for ASF's second international conference on land-based closed-containment aquaculture. 

In this conference, the first day focuses on maintaining healthy conditions, while the second day provides overviews and updates on existing projects, including those in commercial production.

Below are individual abstracts of presentations at the Conference, held at ASF's Wild Salmon Nature Centre in St. Andrews.

Abstracts of Presentations

Agenda with ALL abstracts 751.5KB
01 - Key Findings of 2012 Conference - Benfey 534.8KB
02-Fish Welfare in Industry-scale Production - Baeverfjord 533.2KB
03-Animal Welfare Concerns for Fish Farms in BC - Roth 556.2KB
04-Namgis First Nation's Kuterra Project - Managing Atlantic Salmon well being - Stitt 540.2KB
05-Practical Considerations for Veterinary Care of Salmon in Close-containment Systems - Karreman 533.1KB
06-Defining Optimal Conditions for Rearing Salmon in RAS - Vandersteen 534.1KB
07-Biosecurity and Health Management in Aquaculture - Hammell 533.9KB
08-Effects of First Year Photoperiod and Circulating Hormones - Good 557.9KB
09-Sustainable and Alternative Feeds - Sealey 535.1KB
10-RAS Design innovation and opportunities - Linking RAS and Aquaponics - Losordo 556.1KB
11-Report from Tides Canada Aquaculture Innovation Fund - Emrick 533.9KB
12-Supporting Research and Innovation in Closed Containment Aquaculture in Canada - Webster 533.7KB
13-Atlantic Salmon Growout Trials - Summerfelt 1.0MB
14-Depuration Procedures to Mitigate Off-flavour from Culture in Land-based Recirc. System - Davidson 557.7KB
15-Comparative Economic and Environmental Analysis of Land-based vs Net-pen salmon production - Vinci 535.5KB
16-Retrospective Assessment of Construction Costs of Namgis Project's first 470 tonne/yr - Robinson 532.4KB
17-Strengths and Limits of Life Cycle Assessment in Understanding Sustainability - Tyedmers 535.7KB
18-Global Overview of Land-based Closed-containment Systems - Summerfelt 533.8KB
19-Nanaimo Land-based Model Aquafarm - Atkinson 533.1KB
20-Namgis First Nation's Kuterra land-based system - Cranmer 534.9KB
21-Sustainable Blue Project - Lee 533.2KB
22-Raising Yellow perch, rainbow trout and Coho Salmon and converting byproduct to fertilizer - McCowan 532.4KB
23-Marketing Sustainable Seafood - Dean 532.8KB
24-Seafood Sustainability Ranking Programs - Johnson 533.0KB
25-Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standards - Henry 532.7KB