ASF Chief Operating Officer Position



Organization: Atlantic Salmon Federation (Canada)

Location: St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

Closing Date: Feb 10, 2017

Starting Date: As soon as possible

Send Resume to: careers@asf.ca

Reference: ASF(Canada)-COO

The Organization

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (Canada) is a founding partner of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), an international conservation organization with headquarters in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. ASF’s core purpose is to conserve, protect and restore wild Atlantic salmon and the ecosystems on which their well-being and survival depend. The organization was founded in 1948 and has, over the last 70-years, worked on a regional, national, and international level to further its conservation mission.  

While ASF is focused on conserving and restoring wild Atlantic salmon and their habitats, the organization believes that freshwater and marine ecosystems, and the species they support, are interconnected and their survival interdependent. ASF advocates for the development and implementation of sound conservation laws and policies to protect wild Atlantic salmon and their habitats. ASF’s scientists lead ground breaking research on wild Atlantic salmon and partner with governments, First Nations, universities, and NGO researchers in pursuit of shared research objectives.

ASF’s positions and policies are grounded in the most up to date peer reviewed science, which provides the basis for all of its advocacy activities. ASF also leads cutting-edge habitat restoration projects and public awareness, communications, education, and community outreach programs to help further its wild Atlantic salmon conservation mission.

The Individual

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will report to and take direction from the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The ideal candidate is bilingual, possesses an understanding of wild Atlantic salmon, and has experience leading hard working dedicated teams of conservation professionals and volunteers. He or she is an experienced and passionate conservation leader with a proven track record in successfully implementing organizational development, with intellectual breadth, communication skills, and strong experience with non-government and government agencies, as well as the private business sector. She or he is comfortable operating in a regional, national, or international environment, and works creatively to develop and manage plans and strategies for ASF, employing vision, strong leadership and sound management to further the organization’s mission, impact, and effectiveness.

Main Responsibilities

  • To direct and coordinate the program work of the organization and ensure its effective implementation through the respective departments and department heads, including Research and Environment, Regional Affairs, and Community Engagement.
  • Review strategic and operational plans for each department for relevance and likely success. Recommend updates for departmental strategy and plans.
  • Develop relevant performance metrics and hold the organization accountable for achieving expected results.
  • To liaise with program departments and department heads so as to understand all necessary aspects and needs of operational development and planned targets, and to ensure they are fully supported by as well as informed of operational objectives, purposes and achievements.
  • To ensure participation and engagement of operational teams in all relevant meetings and planning of other departments of the organization and with government, First Nations, NGO, and community partners.
  • To oversee the development and implementation of strategic program planning for the organization.
  • To ensure that the overall operating standards of the organization are legal and current.
  • To ensure that there is consistent, coordinated and persistent conservation action on all strategic issues impacting wild Atlantic salmon.
  • To facilitate strong collaboration, learning, and communications within ASF to ensure a strong and credible presence in the world of wild Atlantic salmon conservation.
  • To ensure, with the support of Development, Finance & Administration, the delivery of reporting and monitoring requirements including annual reports, program monitoring, and reporting for contributions requested and received from supporting organizations.
  • To be responsible for the development of work plans, budgets and deliverables for program areas ensuring compliance with policies and timelines for the organization.
  • Determine individual development and professional plans for each person in the organization and to be responsible for implementing and evaluating such plans.
  • To work with ASF’s Management Team to establish a strong performance culture across the organization.
  • To undertake other major management and administrative issues related to the operations of ASF as directed by the President and CEO.


The position offers a competitive compensation package including a retirement and benefits program.