ASF Submissions on the Future of Mactaquac Dam

Through the years the St. John River, as an ecosystem, has suffered a "death by a thousand cuts". It largely began with the building of the Mactaquac Dam, followed by the introduction of not one, but many different invasive species. The currents made it difficult, and at times impossible for smolt to find their way to the bottom of the dam's headpond. Plus the largely non-flowing water of the headpond heats up. Equally, times of flow are different than when the river was free-flowing.

While the ecosystem itself has been degraded, the charismatic species of Atlantic salmon has been reduced by the combined stresses to an Endangered Species, as assessed by COSEWIC, the government body responsible for such assessments.

In the recent hearings held by NBPower on the future of Mactaquac Dam, ASF made submissions on:

  • Environmental considerations
  • Social Impacts

ASF's submissions are below - the pdf documents can be downloaded.

ASF - Mactaquac Comparative Environmental Review Submission 731.9KB
ASF - Mactaquac Social Impacts Comparative Review Submission 2.5MB