Endangered Populations

Atlantic salmon populations in the southern portion of the North American range have dropped to critically low levels since 1990, and ASF together with its regional councils are involved with returning such critically endangered populations to health, where possible.

  • In the United States, Atlantic salmon in eleven Maine Rivers have been declared endangered. These rivers are, from west to east, the Androscoggin, Kennebec, Sheepscot, Duck Trap, Cove Brook, Penobscot, Pleasant, Narraguagus, Machias, East Machias, and Dennys. While ASF, the Maine Council of the Atlantic Salmon, and their Affiliates are involved in many projects to restore these to health, the greatest is the Penobscot River Restoration, where major dams are being removed, with power generation transferred to other dams.
    • Further information: status report, recovery strategy, etc. are available from a single page. Click here

  • In Canada, the inner Bay of Fundy rivers of NS and NB have endangered status protection. Other population segments including many rivers have been assessed as endangered or threatened by COSEWIC, Canada's organization for determining status.
    • Outer Bay of Fundy Rivers - endangered - Public Input from Aug. 1, 2014 to Oct. 31, 2014 Click for more details
    • Southern Uplands Rivers of Nova Scotia - endangered
    • Eastern Cape Breton - endangered
    • Anticosti Island - endangered - Public Input in 2013
    • South Coast Newfoundland - threatened  - Public Consultations were held Oct. 9 to Dec. 15 2013

Canada - Endangered Species Documents

Full Canada Atlantic Salmon Assessment 2.8MB
Map (large version) of Endangered Population Segments 644.4KB
Rivers In Each Population Segment 121.8KB
Species at Risk Process - Oct 2012 Update 84.2KB