Grieg Seafarms Slammed By Questions


Grieg Seafarms Slammed By Questions About Aquaculture Proposal

Aug. 18, 2016

The company responsible for the largest aquaculture project in the province's history is refusing to speak to media about serious questions being raised about their proposed facility in Placentia Bay.

Grieg NL Seafarms' proposed salmon aquaculture development was recently released from an environmental assessment by Environment and Conservation Minister Perry Trimper.

The project will see 7-million salmon raised every year in Placentia Bay.

The problem, say environmentalists, is that the triploid process used to render the eggs sterile is scientifically unproven, and measures to combat problems like sea lice and disease are vague.

In a statement released yesterday, the company says sterile salmon have been used in Norway for years with success, and they call it part of the ongoing effort to minimize the industry's impact on the environment.

When asked about serious questions raised about their methods and mitigation plans, a company representative said they will only respond in writing, and refused to consent to a taped interview.