Halifax Land-based Workshop

On Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 a half-day workshop was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on closed-containment land-based aquaculture, with a number of presentations made by Dr. Steven Summerfelt, Dr. Christopher Good, and Brian Vinci. Below are the schedule of the workshop, along with .pdf versions of the powerpoint presentations of the workshop leaders.

Halifax Workshop Presentations

Halifax Workshop Schedule & Background 373.5KB
02 Summerfelt Developments in Land-based Aquaculture 2.1MB
03 Summerfelt - Freshwater Growout Trials 2.5MB
04 Summerfelt - Myths Regarding Land-based Aquaculture 326.6KB
05 Good - Biosecurity and Land-based Aquaculture 1.4MB
06 Vinci - Production Facility for Land-based Aquaculture 979.9KB