High Economic Value

High Economic Value of Wild Salmon Confirmed by Study

January 12th, 2012

In a study released this week, Gardner-Pinfold Consulting Economists Ltd. concludes that wild Atlantic salmon were worth $255 million to the Canadian economy and supported 3,872 full time equivalent jobs in 2010.

This landmark natural resource study provides accurate and current data for advocates and policy makers. It combines the value that comes from active use of the resource, such as recreational fishing, and the public investment potential and level of public support for a long-term conservation program.

The study also revealed that Atlantic Canadians and Quebecers are willing to contribute tax dollars to support successful restoration programs to ensure that wild Atlantic salmon continue to exist and contribute to ecoystem integrity.

It also revealed that both recreational spending and number of Atlantic salmon anglers have risen significantly in 2010 when compared with 2005's government survey of recreational angling, more than doubling the economiic value.

The study undertaken by Gardner Pinfold puts forward a strong case for investing in the future of Atlantic salmon, with more than 80% of the public supporting investment.

In this political climate money talks and the government tends to invest in industries that provide economic benefits and jobs.

The Gardner Pinfold report confirms that wild Atlantic salmon support a sustainable green industry that attracts tourists from throughtout Canada, the United States, and overseas.