NL Protest at Supreme Court in Support of Grieg Lawsuit

Apr. 17, 2017

Protest at Supreme Court in Support of Grieg Lawsuit

Protesters are occupying the steps of St. John’s Supreme Court again today in support of a court challenge against a massive provincial aquaculture project.

Then Environment Minister, Perry Trimper, decided to forego an environmental assessment of the Grieg aquaculture project in Placentia Bay. The project, if completed, would be the largest open pen aquaculture project in Canadian history.

A case was launched against government by the Atlantic Salmon Federation and lawyer Owen Myers, who wish to see stronger legislation put in place to protect Salmon populations against disease and infection.

Salmon advocate, Bill Bryden, says the case is taking longer than expected. “We hoped to have it done in a day and now we’re hoping maybe 3 days if not 4,” Bryden says.

Bryden says with such a large project hanging in the balance he wouldn’t be surprised if it took longer.

“Maybe we’ll get through it Monday and if not we’re going to have to tie up the Supreme Court for another day,” he says. “It’s a bit of a travesty really, taxpayers money going into a fight against government for a basic premise in our legislation.”