Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Panel

Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review

In May 2013 the Province announced the establishment of the Doelle-Lahey Independent Panel on Aquaculture Regulatory Review for Nova Scotia.

Getting involved is easy, and it is important for all those interested to have their voices heard. 

To contribute to the Panel, sign up for an online user account.  The process is simple and will allow you to submit your comments and feedback to the Panel:  http://www.aquaculturereview.ca/comments-and-feedback

Informal public meetings are currently being held in communities around Nova Scotia, to identify issues that are of importance to the people and communities affected by aquaculture, and to outline the review process for all those who are interested.

In the coming months, round table discussions will be held to create a forum for ongoing discussion, and targeted stakeholder meetings are also being organized that will reach out to specific individuals and organizations that have vested interests in the industry.

For upcoming Panel events: http://www.aquaculturereview.ca/upcoming-events

ASF is providing backgrounders to assist participants with information on several aspects of the aquaculture review.

Background documents

Aquaculture Endangers Wild Atlantic salmon (Oct 15 2013) 160.5KB
Open Netpen Salmon Farming Unsustainable in the Ocean 81.8KB
Background on ISA (Oct 15 2013) 104.6KB
Land-based Closed-containment Aquaculture 78.4KB