Paper Company Meets with Margaree Salmon Association

For Immediate Release
August 9, 2017

Paper Company Meets With Margaree Salmon Association

Northeast Margaree, NS - Port Hawkesbury Paper, LP (PHP) representatives came to Margaree on July 24, 2017 at the request of the Margaree Salmon Association (MSA).

MSA hosted the meeting at its office in the Cranton Crossroads Community Centre.

“It was an informative and productive meeting,” said MSA Director Greg Lovely. “We gained a firm understanding of the checks and balances that PHP faces every time it begins a cutting operation.”

The Margaree Salmon Association has been active in monitoring cutting in the highlands this year.  On July 4, 2017, several Directors and officers took a helicopter fly-over tour above Forest Glenn Brook, among other highland areas. Port Hawkesbury Paper, LP, provided the tour and the flight.

“These were informative and productive meetings,” said Past President, Lester Wood. “We now have deeper understanding of the approval processes and requirements that the Mill faces, both before and after cutting.”

The Association learned that the Mill is licensed to carry out forestry operations on 22% of the Margaree River watershed. During the next four years about 3,662 hectares is planned to be cut, or about 3%. The cuts above Belle Cote will be in 50-hectare sections separated by forested buffer zones.

Director Greg Lovely was particularly impressed with a new initiative by the Mill to fund monitoring of water levels and flows that may impact river levels and watershed drainage.

These are exciting developments according to Lovely. “PHP has to go through many processes to get approval from Province for a harvest to proceed. Management practices have changed in the past couple of decades. There are checks and balances that must occur before, during, and after harvests.”

Department of the Environment performs operation audits to make sure that companies hired by the Mill are following proper procedures.

The Association continues to monitor activities in the Margaree River Watershed, working closely with all stakeholders.


For more information, please contact:
Bill Haley, President
Margaree Salmon Association
(902) 235-2382

Photo above story:
1. MSA Vice President Leonard Forsyth speaks with Inspector Specialist Anna Curtis-Steele (Nova Scotia Environment). MSA President Lester Wood looks on. Photo: G. Lovely

Photo below story:
2. Margaree highlands watershed: steep slope protection. Photo: G. Lovely.