PEI Salmon Council Wants Full Environmental Assessment of Aquabounty Proposal


PEI salmon council pushes for risk assessment on AquaBounty plant

By Undercurrent News Apr 27, 2017 17:51 GMT

The PEI Salmon Council is pushing back against AquaBounty's plans to produce genetically modified salmon in eastern Prince Edward Island.

The council says the company's proposed production plans should have an entirely new federal risk assessment, reports CBC News. It is still not clear if a new federal risk assessment will be required.

AquaBounty received federal environmental approval in 2013 to produce genetically modified salmon eggs on a commercial scale at its facility in Bay Fortune. The company has since received federal approval to sell the fish as food in Canada and in the United States.

"I don't feel that the threats to wild Atlantic salmon and the potential risks associated with the aquatic environment were examined rigorously enough to say with absolute confidence that this can go forward without any risk," PEI Salmon Council president Scott Roloson told the newspaper.