Rotenone eliminates Gyrodactylus from eight Norwegian rivers

Above: Laksforsen Falls on the Vefsna River by BJØRN CHRISTIAN TØRRISSEN, bjornfree.com

Rotenone Treatment eliminates Gyrodactylus from eight Norwegian rivers

by Pål Mugaas

It's a happy day in Norway as we celebrate the extinction of Gyrodactylus salaris from the rivers Vefsna, Drevjo, Halsanelva, Hestdalselva, Ranelva, Leirelva, Dagsvikelva and Nylandselva - all in the Vefsn area.

The Norwegian Food Saftey Authority, wich has been monitoring the rivers since the latest treatment with rotenone in 2012, yesterday declared the rivers free from the deadly parasite.

Vefsna is a very big river in Nordland and has been restocked with salmon and sea trout the last five years.  Now the river will be open from the season 2018 and we are looking forward to bringing the river back to its former glory. Vefsna used to be one of the greatest salmon rivers in Norway.

Pål Mugaas
Norwegian River Owners Association

Rainbow over Fosjordi, one of the delightful beats on the Vefsna River. Photo Norwegian River Owners Association