Statistics Canada Shows Farmed Salmon Production & Value Decline in 2014

Statistics Canada Report on Aquaculture - Nov. 15, 2015 255.1KB


Statistics Canada released on Nov. 15 its annual overview of aquaculture production and value for 2014, comparing it with the four previous years in numbers, and across 10 years in graphs.

  • Finfish (principally salmon, but also trout and other species) production in Canada dropped 28% from 130,879 tonnes in 2013 to 93,656 tonnes in 2014
  • Biggest decline was Newfoundland, with a precipitous drop of 73% from 22,196 tonnes to 5,980 tonnes
  • British Columbia also had a major decline of nearly 26%, from 75,808 tonnes to 56,276 tonnes.

  • Finfish (principally salmon, but also trout and other species) value in Canada dropped 26% from $878M in 2013 to $650M in 2014.
  • Newfoundland had the greatest decline – 77% from $181M down to $42M
  • British Columbia had a decline from $486M to $389M, a 20% decline in value


According to the report’s “Chart 3”, both the value and metric tonnage of exports of Atlantic salmon in 2014 were the lowest since before 2004.

Implications for Proposed Expansion of Aquaculture on South Coast Newfoundland

  • The recently proposed major expansion of aquaculture on the south coast of Newfoundland envisages adding 30,000 tonnes of production. This project has unknown impacts on wild salmon and the environment at this time, as it is awaiting an environmental assessment.
  • With NL production of 5,980 tonnes in 2014, this is actually proposing an increase of five times the existing production.