Annual Report

Click on the image below to view or download ASF's 2016 Annual Report

The Atlantic Salmon Federationís 2016 Annual Report highlights the work our staff from the past year. This includes our research team publishing the first ever study to track multiple Atlantic salmon in the northern oceans, completing major work on the 16-year $63-million Penobscot River Restoration Project, and a challenge that could change aquaculture in Canada for the benefit of wild fish.
Our mission is to conserve and restore Atlantic salmon populations throughout the North Atlantic. These fish are one of natureís great species. They can live in fresh and salt water, leap 12 feet in the air, and navigate a 2,500-mile migration to spawn exactly where their parents did. Atlantic salmon are unique and worth the effort.

ASF would not exist without the kind support of our members and directors. Thank you for another year of generosity.


Bill Taylor