Landbased Aquaculture

ASF supports the development of land-based closed-containment aquaculture. The closer one examines this technology, the more convincing the case for it being the future of salmon farming. In fact, the first commercial operations have already entered market production. Explore this new-wave aquaculture through these helpful vignettes.

ASF has supported two land-based closed containment workshops, the most recent in late April 2014.

 In the years since 2014, the first commercial operations have had product reach market, and the discussion has been far more about fine-tuning the costing estimates and improving technologies that already work.

A study just released at NASCO in June 2016 shows that land-based closed containment aquaculture has important benefits for sustainability. Click here for the study.

Presentations from the ASF workshops and other matters below provides some of the very best information available anywhere on this fast-improving technology.