Webinar offered on Miramichi Invasive Smallmouth

Apr 24, 2020
Invasive Smallmouth Bass are threatening the future of wild Atlantic salmon runs in the Miramichi River system.
The smallmouth bass have spread from Miramichi Lake, where they were illegally introduced, into the mainstem of the Southwest Miramichi.

If they become established, smallmouth will cause irreparable harm to the ecosystem, Indigenous and recreational fisheries.

A group of First Nations organizations and NGOs have teamed up to eradicate smallmouth from the Miramichi before it's too late.

Join us to learn where smallmouth came from, why we're so concerned, and what's being done about it. We will have presentations from two experts in aquatic invasive species eradication and take all your questions.

For further information on the Miramichi's invasive smallmouth bass, go to:


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