Watch: South Newfoundland Salmon Webinar

ASF staff leads discussion on South Newfoundland Atlantic Salmon and Canada's Species at Risk Act

Watch the webinar

DFO is considering whether to add wild Atlantic salmon from 104 watersheds along Newfoundland’s South Coast to Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA). It’s a move that could hamper grassroots conservation efforts and would automatically close active salmon fisheries from Port aux Basques to the Avalon Peninsula

Dr. Steve Sutton and the ASF team explain ASF's position and outline how DFO can use the tools it has to forge a positive way forward for conservation.

Among the topics addressed:

  • What are the major threats to South Newfoundland Atlantic salmon and how can government, Indigenous organizations, and the conservation community help?
  • How can government, Indigenous organizations, NGO's, anglers, and outfitters work together to improve population assessment in South Newfoundland?
  • What research is needed to fill in knowledge gaps about South Newfoundland salmon?

To learn more about how Canada’s Species at Risk Act could affect Atlantic salmon conservation and fisheries throughout Eastern Canada visit:

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