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Atlantic Sapphire puts first 400,000 salmon eggs into Miami RAS facility

Nov 29, 2018
Atlantic Sapphire, US-based recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) company, announced on Nov. 28 it has introduced 400,000 eggs into its hatchery in Miami, Florida.

An additional 400,000 eggs are scheduled for next week, the company said, in a stock exchange alert.

"These batches are the first commercial scale volumes of salmon eggs ever introduced in the state of Florida," said the company, which aims to deliver its first harvest of 9,500 metric tons of annualized production in mid-2020.

The introduction of 800,000 eggs in the hatchery "marks an important milestone for the company and for the most environmentally sustainable salmon production method to serve the growing US market", Atlantic Sapphire said. The eggs came from Iceland's Stofnfiskur, part of Benchmark Holdings.

In January, Undercurrent News visited the future Homestead, Florida, site and interviewed founder and CEO Johan Andreassen. He said at the time that his ultimate goal was to produce 33,000t of salmon annually, but that number has grown, based on its permit requests.

As of Nov. 15, Atlantic Sapphire was “well underway with construction of its phase 1 built out, which is projected to harvest approximately 10,000t of salmon annually, beginning in Q2, 2020,” it said. “The company has also secured the key US water permits to produce up to 90,000t onsite, annually.”

Meanwhile, at its salmon RAS facility in Denmark, the company moved its fish into growout tanks in October and expects to finish a phase-two expansion in December. By the second quarter of 2019, it said it will have normalized production of 2,400t head on gutted fish. The Denmark operation has additionally achieved the Whole Foods’ ‘responsibly farmed’ certification, the company noted.


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