Cleanup of Massive Fish Die-Off Continuing in Fortune Bay

Nov 4, 2019
The massive layer of salmon fat, dead salmon and other tissues that resulted from retrieval of 2.6 million dead farmed salmon is still the subject of cleanup. Photo Atlantic Salmon Federation/Bill Bryden
Northern Harvest Sea Farms says the clean up continues in Fortune Bay.

2.6 million salmon died this summer due to what company officials say was a rare extended warm water event.

While it was suggested earlier in the week that the clean up was complete, company spokesperson Jason Card says that’s not the case. He says the salmon have been removed, but the clean-up continues.

He says fat in the cages and on the water and shoreline is being collected and converted into biofuel.

Card says the fastest and the best way to remove the fish from the water was through the use of a seiner that sucked the dead fish from the pens. He says what was pumped back into the ocean was water, with some organic matter in it.

But, he says, the bulk of what was once fish was collected on the boat for processing.

He says surface and saltwater teams are removing fat from the water, with booms being placed to contain the matter.

As for the environmental impact, Card says the company is conducting studies to determine that.

He says an environmental monitoring group will study the shoreline and seabed and report back to the public on any environmental impact.


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