Cooke subsidiary on alert over NL ISA test

Rachel Sapin

Jul 14, 2020
Canadian seafood giant Cooke Aquaculture's Cold Ocean Salmon farming operations in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) notified Canadian authorities of a positive test for infectious salmon anemia (ISA).

On July 10, the company reported the infection at its "North of Killbuck Cove" site. The farm is located near McCallum, NL and contains six cages that are stocked with approximately 340,000 Atlantic farmed salmon.

The company said it's actively working to remove the fish from the infected site, and has so far, not reported any mortalities. Cooke Spokesman Joel Richardson told IntraFish so far only one fish has tested positive for ISA. The fish are market size and were scheduled to be harvested, he added.

In April, the Cold Ocean salmon farming operations lost nearly 29 percent of its 550,000 fish, blaming harsh weather events.

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