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Iceland to vote on changes to aquaculture policy

Jun 18, 2019
The Icelandic parliament is set to vote on proposed amendments to the country's aquaculture act, coinciding with a major public effort to curb the use of open cages in salmon farming nations, reports Visir.

The US outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, in collaboration with the wild salmon stocks fund and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, has received 140,000 signatures for its challenge to open pen salmon farming in Iceland, Norway, Scotland, and Ireland.

The signatures are set to be handed to parliament ahead of the vote on the bill proposed by the minister of fisheries and aquaculture. A second debate on the bill was postponed on June 13.

Kolbeinn Ottarson Proppe, head of the committee reviewing Iceland's aquaculture policy, said the bill focused primarily on environmental issues, adding that the committee "wanted to tighten all screws as far as possible, and encourage environmentally friendly production as much as possible," according to Visir.

Icelandic farmers have argued in the past that they already face some of the strictest requirements of any aquaculture nation.


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