Sunday Times (London, U.K.)

Kate Winslet lends her voice to epic documentary featuring Scottish fish farms

Mark Macaskill

Feb 10, 2020
Farmed salmon in Scotland are set to play a starring role in a film narrated by Kate Winslet that casts an unforgiving light on animal agriculture.

The highly anticipated documentary, Eating Our Way To Extinction, champions a plant-based lifestyle and warns that dependence on farm-reared fish and meat poses a threat to human health and the planet.

Directed by Otto and Ludo Brockway, the nephews of Sir Richard Branson, it promises to be a huge success after a short “taster” clip released by the brothers on Facebook was heavily promoted by Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. It went viral with over 25 million views.

The Brockways, who are based in London, travelled to countries such as Brazil and Switzerland to explore the effects of animal farming.

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