NAIA Responds to Atlantic Salmon Federation on Aquaculture Expansion

Oct 19, 2019
The Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association says they are willing to work with the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), government and others on how to improve the way they do things, while being more transparent.

On Thursday, the ASF called on the province’s Environment Minister Derrick Bragg to restart the environmental assessment process for Mowi’s planned salmon aquaculture expansion of 2.2-million additional salmon. Mowi is the parent company of Northern Harvest Sea Farms.

Executive Director, Mark Lane says if it was a wheat farmer who lost their crop to drought, there would be empathy, sympathy and open arms.

He says Newfoundlanders and Labradorians need to stand behind the hard working farmers on the south coast.

This is all these communities have, says Lane. He says it’s the most sustainable form of protein farming on the planet, in comparison to any other form of terrestrial farming.

However, Lane says there is absolutely room for improvement. He says they’ve learned from the last few weeks, and will make improvements.

The company has accepted responsibility for what happened, and is willing to work with government to comply with any conditions imposed on them.


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