NL Aquaculture Association Blasts Outside Groups Critical of Salmon Die-Off Clean Up

Nov 4, 2019
The cleanup of 2.6 million dead farmed salmon left layers of fat, tissue and other debris coating miles of coastline in Fortune Bay. Mark Lane complains about outsiders bringing it to the attention of Newfoundlanders. Atlantic Salmon Federation/Bill Bryden
The Executive Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Aquaculture Association has come out swinging against environmental groups and others who are raising questions about the clean up of 2.6 million farmed salmon that died over the summer in Fortune Bay.

Mark Lane was responding to drone footage gathered by groups like the Atlantic Salmon Federation and the Sea Shepherd Society showing what they say is fat coating shorelines and collecting at the surface of sea cages.

Lane pulled no punches, accusing “outside” groups of a relentless onslaught on the industry.

He says those groups are “feasting” on the vulnerability of sea farmers “like wolves” for “fanfare and fundraising.”

Lane claims the media “feeding frenzy” was sparked by a “misleading FFAW” and what he calls the “efforts of external forces from foreign interest groups”. Something that he says has created uncertainty and confusion in the populace.

Northern Harvest has had its licenses suspended and a review into their policies and procedures is currently underway. DFO and Environment Canada have been monitoring the clean up operations.

News of the die-off broke publicly during the federal election and federal agencies have been relatively quiet about their role and responsibilities in the clean up. Lane says suggestions that federal agencies couldn’t talk during the election is nonsense.

He expects an assessment of the situation is coming from both departments.


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