Warming Sea Temperatures to Blame for Massive Salmon Die-Off, says Northern Harvest

Sep 25, 2019
The FFAW says the event raised red flags, as large-scale mortality of fish can have a severe impact on the health of other fish in the area.
In a release Northern Harvest says prolonged high temperatures in the sea are creating a low-oxygen condition, killing large populations of fish. It’s a larger issue affecting the region than just about the farm.

They say the FFAW’s statement is “curious” as it was they themselves that have kept the union informed on the situation as they clear the dead fish and have worked in constant contact with local harvesters, employing some 100 FFAW members at their sea sites.

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The FFAW is sounding the alarm following reports of a significant Atlantic salmon die-off at a local aquaculture site.

Reports indicate a significant number of salmon have turned up dead at a farm along the south coast of the island, prompting concerns from harvesters.

The FFAW says it has contacted both the operator-Northern Harvest Sea Farms Limited-as well as provincial and federal fisheries departments over the incident. As of yesterday afternoon, the union says cleanup of the dead fish was underway.

However, it reiterates concerns that large-scale mortalities at fish farms can have severe impacts on the health of the waters in the area, and impact the livelihood of harvesters.

The FFAW is calling for quick, thorough action to clear the dead fish from the area, and address the concerns of harvesters.


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