The coastal waters of Greenland are the ocean-feeding ground for wild Atlantic salmon that migrate there from more than 2,000 rivers in North America and Europe.  


Not all Atlantic salmon migrate as far as Greenland, but those that do are primarily female and grow larger than 63 centimetres (24 inches). These large female fish are the most important contributors to the next generation of salmon.   


Greenland is also home to the world’s last commercial fishery for North American Atlantic salmon, plus a personal food fishery that runs simultaneously. ASF’s strategic goals in Greenland are to work cooperatively to prevent overfishing and raise awareness of wild Atlantic salmon. 


We also conduct scientific research in Greenland.



Greenland Salmon Conservation Agreement 

In 2018, ASF and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) signed a 12-year agreement with the union representing commercial fishermen in Greenland. It established a 20-tonne annual target for salmon caught by all fishermen, commercial and personal.

If the target is not exceeded, ASF and NASF provide funds to KNAPK who then grant it to fishermen for things like alternative fishery development, equipment, research, and educational initiatives.

Our agreement complements the work of the Greenland government and the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization. NASCO is an intergovernmental organization that seeks consensus on fishery management decisions and has other conservation objectives.

Together, the ASF-NASF Greenland Salmon Conservation Agreement and recent NASCO regulatory measures have resulted in a significant reduction in the number of salmon harvested in Greenland thanks to the implementation of mandatory licensing and reporting requirements for salmon fishermen.

This is the third Greenland Salmon Conservation Agreement reached between ASF, NASF, and the union representing commercial fishermen. During each agreement, the number of large Atlantic salmon returning to North America has increased.

Outreach and awareness 

Starting in 2024, ASF and our partners will be conducting a campaign in Greenland to raise awareness of the Greenland Salmon Conservation Agreement and Atlantic salmon in general. Stay tuned for updates!