ASF’s research team seeks answers to the most pressing questions about wild Atlantic salmon to inform our advocacy and conservation programs.



The coastal waters of Greenland are the ocean feeding ground for wild Atlantic salmon that migrate there from more than 2,000 rivers in North America and Europe. ASF’s strategic goals in Greenland are to work cooperatively to prevent overfishing and raise awareness of wild Atlantic salmon.  



ASF’s Headwaters program is dedicated to removing barriers to fish passage, restoring damaged habitat, and enhancing cold water pools.



Wild Salmon Watersheds is designed to conserve and protect rivers where salmon still thrive and prevent future declines. We will do this by equipping local partners with the knowledge and resources to complete long-lasting conservation projects.



The future of wild Atlantic salmon and wild rivers depends largely on the decisions of government. Advocating for positive change is one of ASF’s most important responsibilities.

ASF’s Strategic Plan

ASF’s previous Strategic Plan was scheduled to guide the organization approximately through to the year 2023. In 2022, ASF Management and staff undertook a process to update the Plan with the philosophy of constant improvement. An updated Plan was presented to the joint ASF Boards of Directors in April 2023, and received unanimous support.

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