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20,000 salmon escape from Mowi Faroe Islands site

Incident occurred last Tuesday, Oct. 27

Featured image
Sandsvág, Faroe Islands. Photo Mowi

The newspaper reports an escape took place in Sandsvág, near Sandoy, which is one of the larger islands of the Faroe Islands.

The escape occurred when the salmon farmer was moving fish from one cage to another. One cage was damaged, and around 20,000 salmon were released through a large hole in the cage.

According to the newspaper, the escaped fish were supposed to be harvested the same day.

Mowi will present its third-quarter report this week. In a trading update in October, the company stated that it had harvested 2,000 tonnes of salmon on the Faroe Islands in Q3.

Mowi Faroes Managing Director Hans Jákup Mikkelsen told the publication that the escaped salmon were worth around EUR 0.5 million and that the cage has now been mended.