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Bigger tax bills loom for Dover-Foxcroft residents after vote to keep aging dam

  • Dover-Foxcroft residents voted 558-411 to keep the Mayo Mill dam, opting to use tax money for studies, permits, and repairs rather than removing it.
  • Supporters of dam removal advocated for using grant funding to remove the dam and restore the riverfront, a plan endorsed by the town and a local committee.
  • The cost of repairing the dam is estimated to be $8-$10 million, potentially increasing the tax rate by $2-3 million, or several hundred dollars annually for the average taxpayer.
  • Emotional and historical ties to the river influenced the vote, with some residents prepared to pay higher taxes to preserve the dam and its historical significance.
  • While we are disappointed with the outcome, we respect the process for making this decision established by the Town of Dover-Foxcroft and the thoughtful analysis and leadership of so many people in town, including the Steering Committee members and the Select Board. ASF and partners TNC have valued the opportunity to work closely with the community for the last few years, and we are always open to partnering with riverside communities on restoration opportunities that bring benefits for people and nature.