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Celebrated Wildlife Photographer and Videographer to Speak at ASF’s St. Andrews Dinner

BY: ASF STAFF Apr 27, 2022

Guests at the upcoming St. Andrews Dinner, one of the first in-person ASF events since the pandemic, are in for a rare treat: a special presentation by wildlife photographer and videographer Nick Hawkins.

Featured image
Hawkins captured this image of wild Atlantic salmon spawning in a Quebec River

Born and raised in Fredericton, Hawkins developed a love of wildlife and the natural world at a young age. Long before he fit in waders, Hawkins was a keen salmon angler, often accompanying his father on paddling and fishing trips.

After completing an undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of New Brunswick, Hawkins embarked on a career in wildlife photojournalism. He is an expert in camera trapping, aerial photography, as well as underwater photography and videography. As he puts it, “My ultimate goal, whether through photography or film, is to bring unique stories of the natural world to audiences worldwide while promoting the conservation of the species and ecosystems upon which we all rely.”

Featured image
Hawkins braves all conditions to capture the best imagery. Image: Tom Cheney
Hawkins’ work has taken him on assignment throughout North and South America, and even to Antarctica. He is a National Geographic Explorer, member of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. His work has appeared in SmithsonianNational Geographic, Canadian Geographic, and, of course, the Atlantic Salmon Journal.

He’s come face to face with jaguars, 50-ton whales, Great White sharks, and grizzly bears in Alaska. All his far-ranging work is driven by a deep connection to wild Atlantic salmon. At the St. Andrews Dinner, Hawkins will describe how a childhood on the Miramichi inspired his career in visual storytelling.

Don’t miss the dinner or Nick’s exciting presentation. Tickets here.

Featured image
Humpback whale in the Bay of Fundy