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Grieg Testing for ISA in NL

Testing Underway After Grieg Identifies Suspect Case of Infectious Salmon Anemia in Marystown

A presumptive positive case of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) in farmed fish in Marystown was discovered as part of routine health checks carried out by Grieg NL prior to the movement of fish to pens in the ocean.

Greig NL yesterday sent out an advisory that a suspect detection of ISA was found in a nursery tank that contains up to 118,000 salmon parr.

The tank is now under strict quarantine until further testing on the parr in the tank is completed.

Parr are part of the salmon life cycle before they develop into smolt, it is the time when the fish are beginning the transformation to adapt to life in saltwater.

Grieg NL says it is unable to offer any further comment until the results of further testing is available.