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PEI government delays recreational fishing season

Apr 11, 2020

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Prince Edward Island has many Atlantic salmon rivers with small populations. ASF 2019 Atlantic salmon map

P.E.I.’s provincial government has delayed the opening of the recreational fishing season until at least June 1.

The delay is yet another in many government efforts to contain and mitigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19 strain).

In a media release on Apr. 10, Natalie Jameson, minister of Environment, Water and Climate Change, said the decision was not taken lightly, but that “how well we do at social distancing in the next few weeks will have an impact on the health and lives of Islanders in the months to come.”

The delay applies to both inland and tidal water fisheries. It includes trout, Atlantic salmon, smelt, striped bass, mackerel, flounder, perch, scallop, softshell clam, bar clam, razor clam and mussels. It also closes all recreational shellfish until June 1, 2020.

Jamie Fox, minister of Fisheries and Communities, said in the release consideration was made to the need to protect conservation officers and first responders who “are already working incredibly hard during this time to keep us safe.”

Anyone caught angling during this delay of the season can be charged with fishing during a closed time, whether or not a fishing licence is required.