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Action Alert-Kennebec Dams

Jan 27, 2021

Free the Kennebec

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Maine’s Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is seeking public comment on major changes to its Kennebec River Management Plan. The revised plan includes a  recommendation to remove two of the four aged dams between Waterville and Skowhegan that block migratory fish from reaching vast amounts of headwater spawning and rearing areas.

This is a great start, but for people and wildlife to enjoy the full benefits of a renewed Kennebec river, ASF and others are pushing for the removal of all four dams.

We need your help. Please send a letter in support of the Kennebec River Management Plan and encourage our state leaders to go even further. For species like endangered wild Atlantic salmon and American shad, their future in the Kennebec watershed depends on dam removal.

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