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Cooke removes 485,000 salmon after deadly ISA virus strikes

The company is having a bad summer of disease outbreaks on the Canadian east coast.

Cooke-owned Cold Ocean Salmon must remove around 485,000 salmon from its seven-cage Grip Cove site in Newfoundland and Labrador after infectious salmon anemia was confirmed at the site.

The virus was first reported Aug 7.

Since Early July, the company has reported ISA outbreaks at four separate salmon farms operated by Cold Ocean Salmon in NL.

One farm was forced in July to harvest 1.2 million fish due to an ISA impact.

Earlier this month Cold Ocean also detected infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNv) at its Margery Cove trout farm near St. Alban’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

The site contains eight cages stocked with approximately 310,000 trout.