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Margaree Salmon Museum Receives Donation

JEREMY FRASER Jun 23, 2020

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Margaree Salmon Museum has a host of memorabilia relating to angling in this magical river. The new donation is focused on telling the story of the restoration efforts and Atlantic salmon goals of the species and river. Tom Moffatt/ASF

NORTH EAST MARGAREE, N.S. — The Margaree Salmon Museum recently received a donation of $8,000 from Wild Salmon Unlimited.
The donation will allow the museum to showcase selected objectives and highlight the importance of contributing to the overall goal of species survival.

Wild Salmon Unlimited is a fundraising organization devoted to supporting organizations in efforts to re-establish Atlantic salmon stocks to their native rivers, educate the public on the recreational and economic value of species, and the importance of research and conservation.

The Margaree Salmon Museum was established more than 50 years ago and contains one of the largest collections of angling artifacts found in North America.