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Mowi to cull 450k fish after ISA outbreak

DAVE EDLER Apr 29, 2020

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The hatchery in Stephenville has again had an outbreak of Virulent ISA. Photo Mowi

450,000 fish are to be culled at Mowi’s huge hatchery in Newfoundland and Labrador, after an outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) effecting 14 fish was confirmed on Tuesday at the Northern Harvesy Stephenville hatchery, as reported by IntraFish.

All culled fish will be transported to a facility within the province that will convert them into biofuel.

Jason Card, Mowi Canada East’s director of communications, explained that the fish that were being culled are juvenile and ‘very early in their development.’

A thorough disinfection process will take place after the cull to ensure that no further traces of ISA can be detected. This will be supplemented with an enhaced testing and monitoring programme that will continue at the facility with the involvement of regulatory authorities. The facility will remain under quarantine until lifted by the authorities.

The cull, disinfecting process, and continued monitoring activity will be conducted according to standard operating procedures approved by regulators.

In a statement released, Mowi added:

‘Should further fish be confirmed ISA positive through sampling, additional measures may be announced’.