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Study Provides New Insights On Atlantic Salmon

BEN BURNETT May 1, 2020

A new study on Atlantic Salmon is helping fill researchers in on migration habits, and the transmission of viruses among different populations of the species.

Among the highlights of the study was confirmation that salmon from various continents are spreading pathogens between populations while feeding near Greenland.

“This is an area we defined as a melting pot, with mixing of different infections agents. Where fish from (North America and Europe) could potentially share different pathogens and take those back to their home rivers,” said Jonathan Carr.

Carr is the V.P. of Research for the Atlantic Salmon Federation. He says the effects of this study has far-reaching implications for salmon researchers.

“Not just here in Canada, but in the U.S. and Europe they’ve been following this closely,” Carr said.

Another finding of the study was that salmon carrying the most pathogens were those which had escaped from aquaculture facilities.

“We’re wanting to dig a little bit deeper, to see what types of infectious agents are actually impacting on the survival of the salmon,” said Carr. “And hopefully be able to conserve this iconic species.”

Further information on the study can be found at the Atlantic Salmon Federation’s website.