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In The Field

Webinar recap: Alien invaders

On April 28th, ASF hosted a webinar on smallmouth bass eradication in the Miramichi. You can watch the video below, and learn more about the project by visiting

Presenters included:

Nathan Wilbur, ASF’s Director of New Brunswick Programs and co-chair of the Working Group on Smallmouth Bass Eradication in the Miramichi

Steve Maricle, a retired fisheries biologist who spent his career with the B.C. Ministry of Environment, leading a successful rotenone eradication campaign in small lakes within the Thompson River watershed

Brian Finlayson, a noted expert on the use of rotenone in fisheries management and author of the American Fisheries Society’s manual entitled, Planning and Executing Successful Rotenone Projects.

All presentations are available for download further down on this page